Invest in a backup, diverse Wireless  Internet connection to minimise downtime

Invest in a backup, diverse Wireless  Internet connection to minimise downtime
Published: 14th July 2021


Does a loss of business mean more to you financially than your service level will compensate you for in the event of Internet failure?

When considering an Internet connection for business grade application, many businesses opt for a leased line service for uncontended bandwidth but also for peace of mind that their circuit is backed by an SLA (Service Level Agreement)

An SLA is purely a contractual agreement that offers financial compensation in the event that the service is not resumed within a set period of time.  An SLA is not a guarantee that your service will be fixed in a set timescale.  Typically, this SLA will pay out after a set period of time for the outage.  However, if your loss of business during this time outweighs the financial terms of the SLA, what other methods are available which would minimise any downtime?

Enter Fixed Wireless Fibre to the Mast (FTTM)

FTTM services run over Microwave line of sight point-to- point connections, requiring a dish to receive the Microwave signal from a transmission tower.  When an existing wired Internet connection exists, the use of a dual WAN router enables both connections to be routed via a single hardware device and can be set up in failover mode.  In the event of the cabled connection failing, the FTTM wireless service offers a completely diverse circuit for your Internet traffic to use, minimising any downtime and allowing your business to run as normal.

Juice Broadband specialise in this technology solution and offer coverage from Christchurch to Swanage along the coast for any building that has a line of sight to our transmission towers.  For communities needing improved Internet speed we are able to work with groups to deliver superfast broadband as long as one of the properties has line of sight to one of our transmitters.

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