Wireless Service FAQs

I want to use your service as a backup, are there any special considerations?

Not at all, although you may wish to invest in a ‘Dual WAN’ router, so you can connect both services at the same time, should your primary service fail, our service is ready to take over.

We would recommend Draytek routers for this requirement. Some customers find once installed they end up preferring our service over their legacy ADSL / cable service, which of course we are happy to accommodate!

I’m not sure how much data I will use, what happens if I exceed my cap?

The caps are not hard limits, however they do allow us to charge for the service in accordance to how heavily a customer actually utilises it. If you think you are going to go over your cap, please get in touch to discuss. If you exceed your cap by a large amount, (over 5GB) then we will charge ‘overage’. The cost of this is £1 / GB downloaded on top of your included allowance.

Can I have a static IP?

All business customers get a static IP included as standard. If you are a home / residential customer, and would like a static IP please get in touch, there is usually a small cost for this service.

How long does it take to provide service?

This depends on whether there is service already in your area, if there is we aim to install the service with 10-12 working days, otherwise please contact us for an estimate.

Do you provide a router?

For business users a router is a cost option, we can also provide assistance with setting up existing router / equipment at an hourly rate.

For home users we include a router, with Wi-Fi, which we setup for you. Please inquire as to whether you can use your own router for our residential services.

Can I self install?

Because of the specialist alignment required to ensure you get the best possible performance, and reliability we do not allow self install at this time.

Can I use P2P / BitTorrent etc on your service?

No, our current fair use policy does not allow this, due to the disruptive nature of these types of applications. We appreciate that not all uses of P2P are illegal, however as there are no means for us to distinguish the content being transferred we have taken the decision to blanket ban this type of application, to keep the network fast and responsive.

Can I use VoIP (Voice over IP phones) on your service?

Yes you can, we prioritise VoIP through the network. We can also resupply your existing BT line as a SIP line, we call this a phone line replacement service. You can keep your phone number and even your existing telephone equipment, although we do recommend you upgrade to a VoIP device, DECT phone / handset.

Our office is based in a building with multiple tenants and we are not allowed to erect antennas can we still connect to your service?

Usually in this scenario we would talk to your landlord about putting a communal connection in. This would usually work out more expensive than standard install, so with the landlords permission we would then contact other tenants in the building to gauge interest in connection to our service.

Will my service be affected by the weather?

The answer is directly no, the service is not affected by fog, rain, mist. As with any internet provider our equipment requires power to operate, we do have UPS systems at our main sites to deal with short outages (a few hours) but if a weather related event, EG high winds causes power loss, then there is a risk of disruption to service, but this would affect non radio services as well.

Is wireless delivery reliable?

Simple answer – Yes. Internet service delivered by radio in the so called ‘last mile’ (that’s the bit that connects to your property) has been common place for some time, especially in flat sparsely populated areas which are easy to cover by radio, but costly to dig up to run cables.

Isn’t this just a satellite broadband service?

This is not a satellite service, we are not bouncing signals 22,000 miles into space and back – your nearest mast is usually below 5 miles away from your property, and latency is low, typically 10-30 ms and performance is the same or better than ‘fibre’ services such as those provided by TalkTalk, BT and Virgin.