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Juice Broadband awarded UK WISPA Quality Assured Award in recognition of the company’s commitment to outstanding user experience.

Juice Broadband, the Dorset-based Internet Service provider have been awarded the prestigious accreditation from the UK Wireless Internet Service Providers Association.

Celebrating their 10th year, Juice Managing Director Wayne Simpson commented “It’s a real honour for Juice to receive this accreditation, the first and only Wireless ISP on the South Coast to be recognised for our outstanding customer service by the Industry. We certainly pride ourselves on the level of care our customers receive both during the project rollout and also the ongoing support”.

Juice has grown significantly in the last year and has added to their support, technical and accounts teams to match the growth in sales in the last 18 months.


The official trade body recognised by UK authorities and trusted by consumers and businesses

The UK Wireless Internet Service Providers Association (UKWISPA) is the official trade body recognised by UK authorities. Our mission is to promote the interests of the industry and ensure that services provided by members are of the highest standards possible.

Each member of UKWISPA delivers internet access services that meet the highest industry standards so that businesses and consumers can be assured that they will be protected by our high standards for quality and service.

Rural Dorset – Stop Dreaming and Start Streaming

Rural Dorset – Stop Dreaming and Start Streaming

The Government’s target is for at least 85% of UK premises to have access to gigabit-broadband by 2025. It said it will “seek to accelerate roll-out further to get as close to 100% as possible.” The Government said in August 2021 that it was “increasingly confident” that the 85% target could be exceeded, but where does that leave 15% of homes – around 3 million homes?

Here’s where Juice is helping these communities.

Living in rural Dorset is a wonderful thing, however in the connected world we live in today, there are many locations around the County still struggling with sub standard Broadband speeds.  For these pockets of slow internet locations,  services many take for granted such as streaming TV and media, Gaming, Zoom calls and working from home are impossible with low speed Internet.

We have connected many rural homes and businesses to ultrafast broadband.

A great example of this is in North Ripley, Burton and Sopley, North of Christchurch.    Although amazingly some of the area now has access to Full Fibre Gigabit broadband, many homes and businesses still do not.  Our local transmission tower can deliver speeds up to 50Mb download and 10Mbps upload speeds that are uncontended to many homes and businesses in the area.  A line of sight connection to our tower could make a world of difference, opening up many possibilities for the ever growing boutique farm shop outlets as just one example.  Some of these areas also suffer from poor 4G or 3G mobile signal so relatively simple requirements such as Telephone and credit card readers for payments are flakey at best and unusable at worst.

Contact us for a free desktop survey 01202 332331.

New year, new connectivity options….

New year, new connectivity options….

In the blink of an eye, 2021 has flown by and we now look towards the New Year and make plans for our businesses to be more efficient, smarter and user friendly for our employees.  One of the most frustrating areas in any business is poor connectivity, slowing down our day-to-day tasks which can potentially lead to loss of business in extreme situations.

At Juice, we are your local connectivity specialists.  A full suite of connectivity solutions in all ranges of speeds and formats are at your disposal.  With the arrival of fibre to the premises in the Bournemouth area via CityFibre we now also can offer cost effective bandwidth up to Gigabit speeds.  Also our ever popular wireless microwave ‘Fibre to the Mast’ can be used for primary Internet circuits for areas that are typically poorly catered for through traditional ADSL and FTTC broadband services, such as buildings that are a long way from the exchange or cabinet, typically but not always in rural locations.  We are now also seeing this amazing technology being utilised as a backup or supplementary Internet feed, providing a truly resilient ‘out of the ground’ service that can auto switch in the event of primary circuit failure.  (Fibre gets damaged for example)

Our Solutions at-a glance…

  • ADSL Broadband
  • FTTC Broadband
  • SOGEA (No Phone Line) Broadband
  • FTTH – Fibre to the Home (Residential)Speeds up to 900Mbps)
  • FTTP – Fibre to the Premises (Business)Speeds up to 1Gbps)
  • FTTP+ Fibre to the Premises (Business) Including Service Level Agreement
  • FTTM – Fibre to the Mast (Speeds from 10Mbps to 300Mbps Download)
  • Ethernet Fibre Leased Lines
  • VoIP Telephone Systems
  • Professional managed Wi-Fi Networks
  • Home Mesh Wi-Fi


Whatever your connectivity requirements, Juice have a solution for you, backed up by our high-level local support.

What a year that was!

What a year that was!

Despite starting the year in a full lockdown, it’s been an extremely busy year for us here at Juice, ploughing through, delivering essential services in the form of Internet connectivity.

New Partnerships

Early in the year we began our journey partnering with Tier 1 providers CityFibre, who themselves have been working tirelessly to deliver direct fibre to homes and businesses throughout Bournemouth.  We are regularly connecting customers to CityFibre on a daily basis now,  It’s an exciting time for us,  witnessing a real sea change in broadband technology moving to fibre optic, replacing the World War 2 copper infrastructure we’ve been relying on for so long.  As time goes on more and more of us will connect via direct fibre at our homes and businesses.  This last two years have really shone a light on our reliance on connectivity, whether working from home, getting used to the dreaded Zoom calls or connecting with friends and family that we were unable to visit (remember those quiz nights!), and even reconnecting with friends from years ago that we would probably never have done had we not been forced to stay at home and had the time to rekindle our past relationships.

Converged Services

One big trend we have seen this year is converged connectivity for Voice and data.  Some of our customers are making timely moves away from traditional analogue and digital telephone systems and are making the move to VoIP.  VoIP had traditionally been difficult to deliver on ADSL broadband due to the erratic, contended nature of broadband speeds, resulting in broken real time voice conversations and jitter.  Our Fibre to the Mast (FTTM) solution is uncontended, and our customers that have made the move to VoIP are using a single FTTM connection for both Voice and Data, delivering clear, reliable voice services via our Cloud telephone systems, whilst benefiting from our ultrafast microwave connectivity.  No phone lines required!

Shopping for Internet Locally

We’ve helped some great new local businesses get up and running this year with connections, phones and Wi-Fi, which not only makes us feel all nice and fuzzy, but the bigger picture for this is that money spent locally stays here and the local economy begins to become self-generating.  We always look to support local and use services and products close to us.  Juice is unique in the fact that we are the only local Internet Service Provider with a depth of products that suit every home or business in the region, coupled with a local support team on hand to help should you need it.

Thank you, and Moving On to 22

All the team  at Juice would like to take the opportunity to thank all of our fantastic customers, couriers,  suppliers and of course our amazing NHS service, who have helped us to  try and drive forward  throughout a ridiculously challenging year for everybody.  We’d love to work with you in the new year and beyond, so if you need Internet, give us a call and we will work on the best solution for your requirements.

Merry Christmas and happy New Year to all.

Is it time to rethink your Internet Strategy?

Is it time to rethink your Internet Strategy?

Published: 17.11.2021

With the UK now steaming forward with the Full Fibre roll out, this amazing technology is sure to be in place for the next 50 years at least.  By making the move to ‘Full Fibre’ you are not just increasing your connectivity speeds, but future proofing your home or business, improving stability and unlocking the availability of more secure, web-based technology and communication platforms.  The Pandemic really accelerated how we work on a daily basis, with many companies realising that the more traditional methods of all working from a centralised office are not necessarily the most efficient now.  Freed up office space for improved working conditions, happier staff enjoying a more flexible approach to work as well as financial benefits of reducing brick and mortar offices and the costs of power, heating and cooling are just a few benefits that have arisen from remote working.

If your home or business is still connected with a copper phone line, why not find out what other services are available to you currently?  At Juice we can offer a solution for any situation.  Ethernet leased lined, Full Fibre Broadband, Fibre to the Cabinet and wireless microwave  ‘Fibre to the Mast’ are all available in Dorset.  Our Microwave wireless packages are very popular for rural communities that suffer from poor Internet speeds and reliability, but we are not seeing a big upturn in the number of businesses looking for a truly diverse backup connection to ensure connectivity even if their main circuit is cut.  What’s more, these are very competitively priced and benefit from being an uncontended service, meaning the speed we offer is the speed you will receive without having to share with multiple other homes or businesses.

Regardless of where your business or home is located, why not contact Juice for a full communications review to see what is available to you, how it could improve they way you work and connect, and understand how you can reduce your telecoms overheads.

Now Available – Ultrafast Gigabit Fibre

Now Available – Ultrafast Gigabit Fibre

Published: 04.10.2021

We are delighted to be rolling out Ultrafast Gigabit Full Fibre to the Home (FTTH)
connections in Bournemouth. Providing symmetrical speeds of 900Mbps, fibre to the home is a huge
leap forward in terms of residential connectivity.

The state-of-the art infrastructure offers a fantastic opportunity for residents of Bournemouth (and
soon to be Christchurch and Poole) to future proof their homes as usage of broadband reliant devices
increases. Residents can choose from four different speed options from 200mbps upwards.
Based in Poole, Juice have just celebrated their 10th Anniversary. Having a residential Full Fibre to the
Home option to offer customers strengthens it’s aim to be the local provider of choice and
complements their superfast and ultrafast fixed wireless access network.

“ We’re delighted to be the only Dorset ISP partnering with CityFibre which means we can offer a truly
local experience from initial enquiry to ongoing support. We are really excited to see our first customer
live on the network. With City Fibre continuing to add to the number of homes which are ready to
receive their service, it’s great news for our area ” said Ricki Hill, Unified Communications Manager
at Juice.

Mr Scott, Juice’s first FTTH customer commented “Juice have looked after my broadband for years, so
when I got news that I could receive Ultrafast speeds I couldn’t wait. The whole process was very easy
and efficient, I received texts and emails to keep me aware of the progress, the installers did a great
job on the day and I couldn’t believe the speed test results, I’ve gone from 63mbps to a solid

Lucy Cooper, City Manager for CityFibre in Bournemouth, Christchurch & Poole said: “We are
delighted to be working with Juice Broadband to offer people the opportunity to access the full fibre
network we have been building in BCP. We have made real strides in bringing state-of-the-art digital
connectivity to homes since beginning our build and look forward to even more of the local community
having access to fast and reliable digital connectivity in the near future through a Poole based ISP. We
have committed at least £65m of private  investment to the area and anticipate our citywide roll-out will be largely complete by late 2023.”

Invest in a backup, diverse Wireless  Internet connection to minimise downtime

Invest in a backup, diverse Wireless  Internet connection to minimise downtime
Published: 14th July 2021


Does a loss of business mean more to you financially than your service level will compensate you for in the event of Internet failure?

When considering an Internet connection for business grade application, many businesses opt for a leased line service for uncontended bandwidth but also for peace of mind that their circuit is backed by an SLA (Service Level Agreement)

An SLA is purely a contractual agreement that offers financial compensation in the event that the service is not resumed within a set period of time.  An SLA is not a guarantee that your service will be fixed in a set timescale.  Typically, this SLA will pay out after a set period of time for the outage.  However, if your loss of business during this time outweighs the financial terms of the SLA, what other methods are available which would minimise any downtime?

Enter Fixed Wireless Fibre to the Mast (FTTM)

FTTM services run over Microwave line of sight point-to- point connections, requiring a dish to receive the Microwave signal from a transmission tower.  When an existing wired Internet connection exists, the use of a dual WAN router enables both connections to be routed via a single hardware device and can be set up in failover mode.  In the event of the cabled connection failing, the FTTM wireless service offers a completely diverse circuit for your Internet traffic to use, minimising any downtime and allowing your business to run as normal.

Juice Broadband specialise in this technology solution and offer coverage from Christchurch to Swanage along the coast for any building that has a line of sight to our transmission towers.  For communities needing improved Internet speed we are able to work with groups to deliver superfast broadband as long as one of the properties has line of sight to one of our transmitters.

Contact us for further information or for an initial free survey. Tel: 01202 332331 Email: hello@juicebroadband.co.uk

SoGEA Voice is a direct replacement for PSTN services – don’t lose your voice!!

SoGEA Voice is a direct replacement for PSTN services – don’t lose your voice!!

The analogue telephone line (or Landline) underpins 90% of broadband connections in the UK and everyone will need to move!

The PSTN and ISDN switch off will impact everyone. All analogue and ISDN connections will have to be changed out by 2025 regardless of whether you agree with it or not. The market is changing, and the rollout is well underway with 77 telephone exchanges on stop-sell which means no more WLR (analogue line) services can be provided. SoGEA from Juice Broadband is a direct replacement for analogue line voice services and ensures that our customers who rely on their voice services will not lose the ability to make and receive calls. We use VoIP technology to enable telephone services over your Broadband connection.
Here are some key bullet points and terminology you should be aware of;
SoGEA – Single Order Generic Ethernet Access – A dedicated line to deliver broadband services, without any ability to carry telephone voice traffic.
2025 will see all PSTN & ISDN services being switched off, SoGEA will be the replacement
PSTN – Public Switched Telephone Network (Analogue line or landline as it is often called – a single line allowing 1 concurrent phone call and also used to deliver copper broadband services to your property via the street cabinet)
ISDN – Integrated Services Digital Network (Used for multiple voice lines, typically this connects to a telephone system, available as ISDN2 (2 Voice lines) or ISDN 30(8 to 30 Voice lines)Also used before Broadband ISDN
VoIP handset provision or existing analogue devices can be re-used.
Deliver features & call quality that customers are used to
Easy ordering & set up via our support and installations team
No need to deal directly with your current provider – Juice will manage this for you.
Proactive support & Openreach Network expertise.
2025 might seem a long way off but a strong focus on readiness is needed, so why wait? We can help you make the move today.

What you need to Know

What you need to Know

Fixed Wireless Broadband Vs Satellite Broadband – Explained……

Throughout the UK, rural communities and businesses have long been the forgotten child of Superfast and Ultrafast broadband and fibre Internet connections, with many locations ‘lucky’ to receive ADSL speeds of around 1Mbps download and much less available for uploading data.  There are, however some options available to improve the Internet experience.  The current alternatives to copper and fibre cabled broadband services are Satellite Broadband, Elon Musk’s Starlink Web (not fully available) and a less known Superfast and Ultrafast technology known as Fixed Wireless Access, sometimes known as Fibre to the Mast (FTTM).

Satellite Broadband – pro’s and cons

The single biggest thing in favour of Satellite Internet is its global coverage,  generally as long as you have a clear line of sight to the southern sky (where the satellite will be).

Rather than relying on a network of broadband wires or cables, satellite broadband is transmitted wirelessly via a satellite dish. It works in a similar way to satellite TV, except those services just receive information. With a satellite broadband connection, you also send out – or upload – data to the satellite.   Satellite broadband is more expensive than standard wired services. You’ll no longer need a phone line as the service  doesn’t rely on the phone network.

Prices tend to start at around £20 a month, rising to more than £100. However, the cheapest packages come with very small data allowances – often as little as 2GB a month. This won’t allow you to do much more than the odd bit of web browsing or emailing.  You’ll also need to factor in the price of Satellite hardware either upfront or spread over the cost of your contract.  The price can really rise when you your data requirements rise through use of data-heavy services like streaming video services like Netflix, YouTube and online gaming platforms etc.  Also real time activities such as voice and video calls via Zoom, Teams, Skype & Facetime can really suffer on satellite services due to the latency of the satellite solution.  Although services are available from 2Mbps to 20Mbps, speed is not everything and with its high latency, the ‘laggy’ and delayed user experience deem these real time applications almost unusable and very frustrating.

In summary, Satellite Broadband certainly has its place in the market, however it’s limitations and high cost mean that you should investigate other options such as Fibre to the Mast Fixed Wireless Access services.


Starlink, a satellite Ultrafast service has recently confirmed that their new constellation of Low Earth Orbit (LEO) based ultrafast broadband satellites is “now available in parts of Wales, Scotland, Northern Ireland and northern England,” which is in addition to existing service areas across southern England.

At present SpaceX has already launched around 1,200 LEOs into orbit (space) around the earth and their initial ambition is to deploy a total of 4,425 by 2024, which could potentially be followed by up to 12,000 at a later date (possibly late 2026). The service has already gone live in the USA, Canada, parts of the UK and is now extending into Europe, albeit mostly still in the beta and early pre-order phase.

It’s worth noting that where there is a rural area adjacent to an urban area, the satellite will most likely be covering both areas, meaning high contention and slow speeds. For example, if there is a high take up in Bournemouth and Poole this will likely be covering The Purbecks at the same time.

UK Pricing is currently £439 for hardware, with monthly costs at £89 and £54 shipping fee.


Fixed Wireless Access – Fibre to the Mast (FTTM) – A far superior solution … if you are in the service area

Available from Juice Broadband, a Poole based ISP in Dorset, Fixed Wireless Access is a growing technology which is gaining popularity due to the fast, low latency, uncontended bandwidth it delivers to end users.  Often thought of as ‘Ethernet in the air’ many businesses use the service as a primary leased line type connection as well as a truly resilient back up service to traditional fibre Ethernet services delivered in the ground via cables.  The service is available for both residential and businesses that have line of sight to a local transmission tower from their property..  No phone line is required as the service is delivered via a small dish located with line of sight back to our transmission towers, with VoIP phones being connected through the supplied router, which also gives a Wi-Fi connection.  We also supply  whole home Wi-Fi mesh extension kits for larger homes, office’s may benefit from wires solutions.

Residential prices start at just £30 per month including VAT with 100Gb data usage per month and Business Services have an entry level of £50 Per month + VAT.  Hardware is usually include free of charge for multi-year contracts.

Our towers are generally fed by physical fibre connection which either connects back to our main data centre based on the south coast, or to another part of the network core. We call this ‘back-haul’, once we have collected your data locally, we ‘haul’ it over our private connections to deliver it to the internet. In the very rare event of a failure the network can switch to alternative feeds, so that no one site is completely reliant on one connection to the core network.

The towers use FWA to talk to our customers, the frequency bands in use are not affected by bad weather, such as rain (where heavy rain can cause the signal to degrade) and it also ‘scatters’ well, this means we can sometimes provide a service where you would not think it possible!

We use a variety of 5GHz and 24GHz links for our back-haul, for redundancy, or where a physical connection is not possible.