Managed Wi-Fi

If your office WiFi is made up of a mixture of access points and routers, meaning you have to log in to different units when moving around – or your WiFi coverage causes you issues, perhaps sluggish or unreliable – we can help with our WideFi solution.

We can plan and install a unified WiFi solution. This means that once you are attached to the WideFI network you can move around your office, across company sites, or even across the world to an international office without ever having to type in a password again, your device will simply pick the best or nearest access point.

The system is managed via a cloud portal, meaning no expensive on site appliances, so the solution is as cost effective if you have many small offices and perhaps only as it is scalable to a handful of offices with 50 in each.

If you have public areas and would like to grant visitors access to the internet, but not to your corporate network, the functionality is included in our WideFI product.

We can even customise a landing page so that visitors have to read and accept your terms and conditions, and then are redirected to a page of your choice, before being allowed to access the internet.

If you are interested in hearing more please call us on 01202332331 or get in touch by using the contact form.