Wireless Coverage

Our microwave radio coverage is over a wide area of East Dorset and West Hampshire, as per the map above. It is fairly hard to define exact coverage so we always advise that if you are interested in our service to fill out the contact form with your address details and the product you are interested in. We can then analyse the coverage data and see if we have a site that covers you.

If we get enough requests from an area we don’t cover, then we will look to install new equipment to improve our coverage to bring our service to new customers. For fibre coverage please contact us. Our metro network covers a wide area of East Dorset, and we require a postcode to determine if your location is covered or not.

We are currently connecting customers to our superfast microwave radio network in the following areas:-

New! Purbecks Coverage

  • BH19

Bournemouth, Poole and surrounding areas

  • BH12 BH14 BH15
  • BH17 (including Slader Business Park, Nuffield Industrial Estate, Albany Business Park, Fleetsbridge Business Centre)
  • BH1 BH2 BH8 BH5 BH10 BH12
  • Bournemouth Airport Aviation park BH23 6SE, BH23 6EW, BH23 6NW, BH23 6NE, BH23 6BL, BH23 6xx
  • Branksome and Coy Pond Business Parks BH12 1xx
  • BH24 South of Ringwood, Hightown, Kingston

We are currently rolling out additional coverage in Bournemouth and Poole, so if you have a low speed internet connection and are looking to upgrade to a faster or more reliable service get in touch to arrange a no obligation survey.