SoGEA Voice is a direct replacement for PSTN services – don’t lose your voice!!

SoGEA Voice is a direct replacement for PSTN services – don’t lose your voice!!

The analogue telephone line (or Landline) underpins 90% of broadband connections in the UK and everyone will need to move!

The PSTN and ISDN switch off will impact everyone. All analogue and ISDN connections will have to be changed out by 2025 regardless of whether you agree with it or not. The market is changing, and the rollout is well underway with 77 telephone exchanges on stop-sell which means no more WLR (analogue line) services can be provided. SoGEA from Juice Broadband is a direct replacement for analogue line voice services and ensures that our customers who rely on their voice services will not lose the ability to make and receive calls. We use VoIP technology to enable telephone services over your Broadband connection.
Here are some key bullet points and terminology you should be aware of;
SoGEA – Single Order Generic Ethernet Access – A dedicated line to deliver broadband services, without any ability to carry telephone voice traffic.
2025 will see all PSTN & ISDN services being switched off, SoGEA will be the replacement
PSTN – Public Switched Telephone Network (Analogue line or landline as it is often called – a single line allowing 1 concurrent phone call and also used to deliver copper broadband services to your property via the street cabinet)
ISDN – Integrated Services Digital Network (Used for multiple voice lines, typically this connects to a telephone system, available as ISDN2 (2 Voice lines) or ISDN 30(8 to 30 Voice lines)Also used before Broadband ISDN
VoIP handset provision or existing analogue devices can be re-used.
Deliver features & call quality that customers are used to
Easy ordering & set up via our support and installations team
No need to deal directly with your current provider – Juice will manage this for you.
Proactive support & Openreach Network expertise.
2025 might seem a long way off but a strong focus on readiness is needed, so why wait? We can help you make the move today.

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