Rural Dorset – Stop Dreaming and Start Streaming

Rural Dorset – Stop Dreaming and Start Streaming

The Government’s target is for at least 85% of UK premises to have access to gigabit-broadband by 2025. It said it will “seek to accelerate roll-out further to get as close to 100% as possible.” The Government said in August 2021 that it was “increasingly confident” that the 85% target could be exceeded, but where does that leave 15% of homes – around 3 million homes?

Here’s where Juice is helping these communities.

Living in rural Dorset is a wonderful thing, however in the connected world we live in today, there are many locations around the County still struggling with sub standard Broadband speeds.  For these pockets of slow internet locations,  services many take for granted such as streaming TV and media, Gaming, Zoom calls and working from home are impossible with low speed Internet.

We have connected many rural homes and businesses to ultrafast broadband.

A great example of this is in North Ripley, Burton and Sopley, North of Christchurch.    Although amazingly some of the area now has access to Full Fibre Gigabit broadband, many homes and businesses still do not.  Our local transmission tower can deliver speeds up to 50Mb download and 10Mbps upload speeds that are uncontended to many homes and businesses in the area.  A line of sight connection to our tower could make a world of difference, opening up many possibilities for the ever growing boutique farm shop outlets as just one example.  Some of these areas also suffer from poor 4G or 3G mobile signal so relatively simple requirements such as Telephone and credit card readers for payments are flakey at best and unusable at worst.

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