Wireless Technology

Our wireless network has a series of radio towers which host the transmission equipment we use to connect to our customers. There is a basic diagram below:

Our towers are generally fed by physical fibre connection which either connects back to our main data centre based on the south coast, or to another part of the network core. We call this ‘back-haul’, once we have collected your data locally we ‘haul’ it over our private connections to deliver it to the internet. In the event of a failure the network can switch to alternative feeds, so that no one site is completely reliant on one connection to the core network.

The towers use the 5GHz band to talk to our customers. This frequency band is not affected by bad weather, such as rain (where heavy rain can cause the signal to degrade) and it also ‘scatters’ well, this means we can sometimes provide a service where you would not think it possible!

We use a variety of 5GHz and 24GHz links for our back-haul, for redundancy, or where a physical connection is not possible.