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Is it time to rethink your Internet Strategy?

Is it time to rethink your Internet Strategy?

Published: 17.11.2021

With the UK now steaming forward with the Full Fibre roll out, this amazing technology is sure to be in place for the next 50 years at least.  By making the move to ‘Full Fibre’ you are not just increasing your connectivity speeds, but future proofing your home or business, improving stability and unlocking the availability of more secure, web-based technology and communication platforms.  The Pandemic really accelerated how we work on a daily basis, with many companies realising that the more traditional methods of all working from a centralised office are not necessarily the most efficient now.  Freed up office space for improved working conditions, happier staff enjoying a more flexible approach to work as well as financial benefits of reducing brick and mortar offices and the costs of power, heating and cooling are just a few benefits that have arisen from remote working.

If your home or business is still connected with a copper phone line, why not find out what other services are available to you currently?  At Juice we can offer a solution for any situation.  Ethernet leased lined, Full Fibre Broadband, Fibre to the Cabinet and wireless microwave  ‘Fibre to the Mast’ are all available in Dorset.  Our Microwave wireless packages are very popular for rural communities that suffer from poor Internet speeds and reliability, but we are not seeing a big upturn in the number of businesses looking for a truly diverse backup connection to ensure connectivity even if their main circuit is cut.  What’s more, these are very competitively priced and benefit from being an uncontended service, meaning the speed we offer is the speed you will receive without having to share with multiple other homes or businesses.

Regardless of where your business or home is located, why not contact Juice for a full communications review to see what is available to you, how it could improve they way you work and connect, and understand how you can reduce your telecoms overheads.