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New Superfast Coverage areas

New Superfast Coverage areas

Are are pleased to announce coverage from our new St Catherines Hill tower, bringing Superfast speeds to a large area North and North East of the towers location. Including the following areas:

  • Ripley
  • Sopley
  • Winkton
  • Avon
  • North Kingston
  • Burton
  • Bockhampton
  • Shirley
  • Bisterne
  • Matchams
  • Hightown

In addition we have now launched our Hurn service, bringing our Superfast service to the South of Bournemouth Airport including Parley Green, Hurn Court Lane, Dales Lane.

Please do check our coverage map to see if your area is covered, and if it isn’t please do get in touch, as it could be that we can connect you even if you are not shown on the map as covered.